Too Many Assassins

This story is book 2 of  “The Andersen Plan Trilogy” and continues from where Too Many Victims ended.


The Andersen brothers are wanted men, due in large part to the efforts of investigative reporter John Foster. Police in Australia are searching for Tony Andersen, not knowing whether he is dead or alive while the police in England have renewed their search for Greg Andersen, who has been forced into hiding following the revelations in The Sun newspaper.


Meanwhile in London a sinister political plot is brewing. The political party UKIP have gone from strength to strength in the polls, to the total dismay of many influential Tories, whose plans to discredit UKIP have gone badly wrong. Under their new charismatic but dangerous leader they are winning seats previously considered safe Conservative strongholds.


When he announces he will undertake a lecture tour of Australia to spread his message further the more desperate members of the Tories decide he has to be dealt with once and for all. They are determined the only way he will return from down under is in a box.


John Foster, still in Australia, is assigned the role of covering the Australian tour. Following a chance sighting of two men who resemble the Andersen brothers he starts to sense that there is something very strange happening. Can he and Debbie do anything to prevent the chain of events he fears is about to explode?


The story builds up to a shattering climax in South Australia, which changes many people’s lives.