The Brexit Wars:          A Novel about Brexit?        Yes!    

This Topical Political Thriller Proves How Quickly Chaos Can Ensue…


Kevin Ramsey’s ‘The Brexit Wars’ isn’t a novel that takes sides about the most important and tumultuous referendum in modern UK history – but instead demonstrates just how quickly things can spin out of control when the political elite set their spin machines in motion. Expect suicide bombers, Russian agents and even a boat ride down the Thames; and read it all before the big vote on June 23rd!




United Kingdom – Brexit, Brexit, Brexit – a topic so overdone by the media and the court of public opinion that most would gleefully run the other way and not crawl back out until June 23rd. But don’t hide just yet – because writer Kevin Ramsey is shaking it all up with a compelling novel that takes an entirely different spin on a topic most are sick of.


‘The Brexit Wars’ doesn’t take sides or attempt to sway anyone’s opinion. Instead, it dives head-first into the incestuous workings of the political elite and proves just how quickly an innocent vote can spark chaos.



Have you had enough of the Brexit debate? Tired of the posturing politicians, mumbling misfits, earnest economists, ambivalent analysts, stacked statistics and boring books?

There is a cure – read the novel. Can’t find a good novel about the Brexit? Well here it is.

The Brexit Wars

On June 23 the UK makes its big decision and the result is a cliff hanger. Is it valid or isn’t it? The phony war breaks out into the open.

This action packed political thriller features inept and corrupt politicians, starry eyed idealists, suicide bombers, ruthless big business, demos, anarchy, Russian agents, kidnappings, sexual predators – and boating on The Thames.

Amid the chaos what can the government do?


“It doesn’t matter if you want to stay in the E.U., run away at the speed of light or if voting is the last thing you’d ever be caught doing – this novel isn’t about that – it’s a blistering thriller than instead shows just how much power the nation’s politicians have, and how quickly they can come to abuse it,” explains Ramsey. “The topic is hugely-pertinent to the UK right now and I’m convinced it’s the only Brexit novel you’ll see hitting the market!”


Continuing, “We have a big year ahead and I hope my story helps to put things into some kind of perspective for those caught up in the tug-of-war match every politician is currently playing with the British people. It will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat and have you turning the last page with plenty to think about.”


‘The Brexit Wars’ is available now: