Kevin Ramsey

Kevin has worked in the IT industry since the 1970s. (Yes, there WERE computers around in the 70s!) He has worked and lived in England, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and has travelled extensively around the world.


For years he wrote reports, technical books and papers in the IT industry, but all that time there was a novelist waiting to get out.

He’d always enjoyed crime, mystery and political thriller novels, as well as more general stories - and even some science fiction!


Authors he long admired include (in no particular order) Frederick Forsyth, John Le Carre, Ian Rankin, Colin Dexter, Henning Mankell, John Braine, Stan Barstow, Fred Hoyle, Frank Herbert, Stieg Larsson, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley.


For years he wanted to write his own novel but work, family, inertia, fear all got in the way. Finally, after massive encouragement from his wife, he started. The end result, after more than a year's work, is his first novel, "Too Many Victims", Book 1 of The Andersen Plan trilogy.


This interesting mix of political and crime thriller is set in England and Australia, where he lived for many years. Book 2, recently released, Too Many Assassins continues the story.