The year is 2022...

Why are Britons being murdered in the Australian Outback? Is it some new form of people smuggling?

This political thriller / murder mystery, set in the near future, turns around the traditional notion of people smuggling. Here desperate young Brits, oppressed by a sinking economy, are determined to find work in Australia despite the formidable barriers erected by the Australian Government.


The book explores what went wrong with “Austerity Britain” and its repercussions around the globe.


In a fast-paced thriller it draws on two current political themes; the debate about immigration and the rise of UKIP and similar protest parties.

When a young British man goes missing in Australia, his fiancée forms an unlikely partnership with an ambitious newspaper reporter; the pair travel to the Outback to investigate. 


This is only the beginning of the Andersen Plan trilogy. The pair encounter murder. kidnapping and political assassination stretching from London to the Australian Outback.


Books 1 "Too Many Victims" and 2 "Too Many Assassins" are available now on Amazon. Book 3 is scheduled for publication later this year.